To serve our customers across Canada, Toronto Electric offers a comprehensive suite of technical and engineering services, from design through deployment of new crane & hoist systems, to inspection, repair and upgrades and the associated safety and operational training.


When you need a material handling solution designed for the specific needs of your industry, and the unique requirements of your workplace, talk to us. We understand industrial processes, ergonomics, and workplace efficiency. Our engineers have the experience and the creativity to listen to your needs and design a safe, robust solution that optimizes productivity and complies with all applicable regulatory codes and engineering standards.

Whatever your lifting need, we can help with rating and verification of your existing structures and equipment. We can develop plans for expansions, upgrades and retrofits, and design customized add-ons, such as cargo container lifters, spreader beams, cranes, conveyors, lift tables and more.

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For most material handling systems, a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is a compliance requirement (one that we fully support!) and a service that we offer to our customers.

A Toronto Electric PSR is a compliance review that verifies the safety of the installed equipment and the work processes before the lifting system is fully commissioned and put into use. Our PSR service includes thorough documentation and staff training on the policies and procedures required for safe and compliant operation and work practices.


At Toronto Electric, we design and fabricate custom systems to meet each client’s specific needs, using components from selected suppliers. Our installation experts have years of experience in building safe, reliable, efficient material-handling solutions.

We have installed systems for handling extremely heavy loads, and systems that safely lift delicate, fragile objects. From food preparation to uranium processing, to moving sculptures in the Art Gallery of Ontario—we have installed them all.

Our installers are certified and licensed, and follow all applicable codes, including building, structural, electrical and safety codes, as well as specific regulations and guidelines related to industrial cranes and hoists, and any other certifications and codes that may apply to the application.

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Periodic inspection and maintenance of your lifting equipment is a prudent investment, to prevent unexpected failure and costly downtime, and to protect the safety of your workers. In many cases, regular inspections are required for safety and regulatory compliance.

Our trained, experienced inspectors can visit your worksite on request, or as part of a scheduled inspection program. Their understanding of the many brands and types of lifting and material handling technologies gives them the insight to quickly identify deficiencies that may affect safety, or that may require preventative maintenance or repairs.

Field inspections are also valuable if you are considering an upgrade or retrofit to your material-handling system or any of its components. Our inspectors can evaluate risks and suggest potential expansions, upgrades or retrofits that could increase your capacity or efficiency, or improve safety.


Toronto Electric is your first call for field service that increases productivity and minimizes downtime. For preventative maintenance, corrective maintenance (in the event of failure) or emergency repairs our teams are skilled in fault analysis and on-site adjustments. They are backed by our extensive inventory of parts and spares, including parts from our manufacturer partners, and the capabilities of our in-house shop and custom-fabricating capability. From preventative maintenance to emergencies—when our customers need us, we are there.

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Save on the costs of field repairs: bring your motors or other transportable lift-equipment hardware to the service counter at our central Toronto location.

We carry parts for all major hoist brands, and our repair staff can often repair and test a motor or other unit within a day. We are fully equipped to load-test and certify equipment, so with one stop, you can have your equipment repaired, certified, and back at work in less time.


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We are a distributor of premium electric motors, and are specialists in the application of motors of all sizes. We maintain a large selection of Bodine gear motors in stock, and can help find the electric motor that fits your application. If you require a custom solution, we can work with the manufacturers we represent to engineer a unique solution to your motor needs.

Contact us with some background on your application and we will work with you to select or customize a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Typically we need to know:

  • ambient conditions
  • voltage and AC frequency
  • size, weight, and noise requirements
  • mounting position and details
  • rotation direction (reversing?)
  • maximum speed/ speed range
  • starting torque & running load
  • duration of continuous run and rest periods


From the initial kickoff of your new materials handling project, to the moment when the system is commissioned, your Toronto Electric project manager will be your primary point of contact. Their job is to understand your business and technical needs, and to develop a project scope, schedule and budget that delivers value and meets, or exceeds, your requirements.

Your project manager will oversee every phase of the project to ensure that your solution is safe, efficient and cost-effective, and that every compliance and regulatory requirement is met.

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