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Brook Crompton Motors are trusted for their reliable and energy-efficient electric motors.

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Brook Crompton Motors are trusted for their reliable and energy-efficient electric motors. Brook Crompton drives innovation as an industrial standard and this is why their range of AC motors, brakes, and brake motors are made to reduce costs and environmental impact. Their AC motors are used in industrial applications like mining, fluid processing, and manufacturing. Brook electric motors’ user-friendly systems are made specifically to operate in hazardous environments.

We share our value of heritage with Brook Crompton motors. Our companies are rooted in the goal to deliver dependable technical expertise and quality motors. For over a century, we have provided reliable and quality service as trusted builders and designers, which is why engineers come to us for purchasing motors. We’re proud to provide Brook electric motors as they continue to innovate with their brakes, brake motors, AC motors, and conveyors. Brook Crompton’s use of aluminum cast cuts the weight of cast iron by two-thirds and is able to resist corrosion and certain atmospheric attacks.

Brook Crompton’s commitment to adaptability allows its wide stock of motors to be adjusted to fit the needs of various industries. We are able to identify the appropriate motors and create tailored solutions for our customers’ individual specs.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 program enables our uniform sales and repair process. Along with our database, we can maintain records, pictures, and conversations at the touch of a button. Meeting industry standards for offering quality products and services is our first step to exceeding them.
ISO Certificate ISN # 400-207606

OEM Parts & Training

At Toronto Electric, we stock approximately 500K parts in inventory. We supply components that move four times a year to keep common points of failure on the shelf. Our highly-trained staff provides concise answers and support for all product and repair needs.

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The crane and hoist services industry is competitive and requires a strong partnership between customers, engineers, and technicians. At Toronto Electric, we provide our customers with industry-leading resources, tools, and experts to position them closer toward their goals. To ensure the prosperity and growth of our clientele, we:


Our understanding that every project requires its own blueprint allows us to create custom motor solutions with the most suitable applications. Our experience and a large selection of brands provide us with the right insight to ensure your project runs smoothly in the short and long term. We value working directly with our manufacturers to engineer unique solutions for your motor, budget, and design needs. 


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