Workstation - Bridge Crane
Bridge cranes, also known as overhead cranes, feature parallel runways that carry a travelling bridge spanning the gap. A hoist is used as the lifting component that is suspended on and travels along the bridge. Commonly used in industrial environments, bridge cranes are available in many sizes, configurations, and purposes.

At Toronto Electric, we carry several bridge crane configurations to maximize your workspace efficiency and overall operations. We distribute premium bridge cranes for optimizing your material handling applications. Our team of industry experts collaborates with you to understand your specific requirements from pre-installation research, engineering expertise, professional installation, and in-house repairs. We’re proud to focus on your specific project values to accommodate variables like space, weight requirements, power requirements, and installation. 

Our bridge crane solutions eliminate manual lifting for not only physical convenience but for time and operational efficacy. Our bridge cranes support or replace the need for multiple jib cranes and forklifts and fast-track any process. Bridge cranes allow lifting larger loads faster and more flexibly. We supply bridge cranes to reduce obstructions to your floor, increase floor space, operate at higher speeds, carry heavier loads, and be safer than forklifts.

Freestanding Bridge Cranes

Freestanding bridge cranes are easy to install, expand, and relocate on concrete floors. They work beneath overhead obstacles and existing cranes to move and manipulate heavy loads and machinery. A benefit of freestanding bridge cranes is the lack of overhead mounting, causing no unnecessary stress on your facility’s structure. An enclosed track provides easy movement and use anywhere on the facility floor without debris buildup along the track.
Other benefits include:
  • Increased longevity of trolley wheels because of smooth and consistent movements meaning less maintenance, repairs, and downtime.
  • Better load positioning from decreased shifting, swaying, or crab walking as every part of the machine’s frame is made for superior load distribution.
  • Made to adapt to worker performance and product requirements to accommodate the needs of various assembly lines.

Ceiling-mounted Bridge Cranes

Our selection of ceiling-mounted bridge cranes requires no floor space and is readily expandable to other bridge cranes and monorails. The configuration of these cranes doesn’t require system support columns, attachments to building columns, and production floor space while covering a large rectangular working area. This solution doesn’t interfere with handling operation but works in buildings with adequate overhead structure for hanging the crane, as they are built upon existing building beams or trusses.
Other benefits include:
  • Ceiling-mounted bridge cranes easily expand runway lengths, the number of bridges, and add transitions to monorail crane systems.
  • Not sacrificing floor space or obstructing work areas while eliminating the need for steel supports.
  • This makes them both a cost-effective and ergonomic material handling solution.

Alu-Track Bridge Cranes

  • Made for workstation bridge crane and monorail crane applications.
  • Made of high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Carries between 250-3000 lb loads.
  • Bridge spans up to 30ft.
We carry Alu-Track bridge cranes and runways since they are made from maintenance-free, non-corroding, aluminum enclosed track. You can expect lightweight, durable, and long-lasting operations while adding less weight to your building support structure. Alu-Track’s enclosed tracks are made of aluminum to reduce the overall weight to move easily on the bridge.
Other benefits include:
  • Being suitable for high-moisture environments, acidic environments (avoid alkaline/base), and R&D labs.
  • Aluminum tracks are easily aligned for precision while the length of the top side of the track accepts hangers.
  • Rolling movements are smooth, ergonomic, and quiet from the internally-tapered tracks centering trolleys and end trucks.


ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 program enables our uniform sales and repair process. Along with our database, we can maintain records, pictures, and conversations at the touch of a button. Meeting industry standards for offering quality products and services is our first step to exceeding them.
ISO Certificate ISN # 400-207606

OEM Parts & Training

At Toronto Electric, we stock approximately 500K parts in inventory. We supply components that move four times a year to keep common points of failure on the shelf. Our highly-trained staff provides concise answers and support for all product and repair needs.

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At Toronto Electric, we understand that one-size-fits-all does not always apply. That is why we work with clients to understand their unique needs and recommend the best crane and hoist solutions. If you do not require a standard crane or material handling solution, we can customize bridge cranes made to your exact needs and specs. We also carry a large line of hoists and associated hardware.

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