Advance Carbon

Advance Carbon Products is one of the few carbon manufacturing companies that produce a complete line of carbon products. They have machine shop facilities to manufacture carbon brushes as small as .060″ square, to segmented seal rings as large as 12 ft in diameter. ACP is notorious for its constant monitoring, evaluating, and evolving processes for maintaining and surpassing product quality.



Advance Carbon Brushes

Advance Carbon Products was founded in 1956 as Advance Carbon & Electric Mfg. (ACEM),with their original facility located in a small shop in San Francisco. After successfully producing carbon brushes and mechanical graphite products for several markets, ACEM was reorganized into two different companies in 1962, one being Advance Carbon Products, Inc. In 1966, Advance Carbon Products was purchased from the parent company by the management team which included one of its original founders, William J. Crader, Jr

At Toronto Electric, we are proud to carry one of the only manufacturers of carbon brushes for their trustworthy and cutting-edge engineering. We pride ourselves as trailblazers of the industry, which is why we recognize Advance Carbon brushes as the best option for powering electric motors, generators, and DC machines. We highly recommend using carbon brushes for their ability to reduce damage to your motor. The carbon, referred to as a brush, transmits a current between the stationary parts of a motor to the moving parts. Carbon brushes are also able to carry electricity from outside the motor to the middle, spinning area of the motor.

We trust using Advance Carbon brushes for their spark-free commutation. Advance CarbonProducts engineer their carbon brushes to alleviate common problems found in electric motors by having a high melting point, using soft metal, adopting different shapes, self-lubricating, and having negative temperature co-efficient. The lifespan of carbon brushes can last anywhere between two to ten years depending on their use, and our team of experts are able to replace carbon brushes as needed.

ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 program enables our uniform sales and repair process. Along with our database, we can maintain records, pictures, and conversations at the touch of a button. Meeting industry standards for offering quality products and services is our first step to exceeding them.
ISO Certificate ISN # 400-207606

OEM Parts & Training

At Toronto Electric, we stock approximately 500K parts in inventory. We supply components that move four times a year to keep common points of failure on the shelf. Our highly-trained staff provides concise answers and support for all product and repair needs.

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Our understanding that every project requires its own blueprint allows us to create custom motor solutions with the most suitable applications. Our experience and a large selection of brands provide us with the right insight to ensure your project runs smoothly in the short and long term. We value working directly with our manufacturers to engineer unique solutions for your motor, budget, and design needs. 


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