AIR Chain Hoists

Budgit 2200 Series
Air Hoist

Small frame air chain hoists, featuring accurate load spotting for specialized lifting applications.

Budgit 6000 Series
Air Hoist

Large frame air chain hoists featuring continuous-duty service and infinitely-variable speed for accurate load spotting.

Budgit 600 Series
Shopair Hoist

Variable speed pneumatic power in a compact, lightweight hoist for general commercial applications for loads of 250 to 1,000 lbs.

CM Airstar Air
Chain Hoist

Lightweight hoists with the power for most commercial applications. Features variable-speed pneumatic power for spark-resistant applications, or where precision and power are key.

CM Airstar 6 Air
Chain Hoist

Lightweight hoists with enough power for industrial applications. Features variable-speed pneumatic power for spark-resistant applications, or where precision and power are key.

CM Shopair Air
Chain Hoist

Superior lifting speeds, rugged design, and precise load-spotting in a portable air chain hoist. Compact lightweight design make it ideal for a workstation or production line hoist.

Coffing CAH
Large Frame

Large frame air chain hoists featuring continuous duty service for precise, infinitely variable speed and accurate load spotting. Aluminum housing is lightweight, compact and strong.

Coffing CAH
Small Frame

Small frame air chain hoists featuring accurate load spotting for specialized lifting applications. Aluminum housing for strength and portability.

Yale KALC Air
Chain Hoist

For tough jobs and every lifting application, available in hook or lug suspension, and in spark resistant models. An economical choice, these hoists are dependably built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles.

CM Lodestar Air XL
Air Chain Hoist

Heavy-duty hoists featuring variable speeds and higher capacities than traditional air chain hoists. Popular in automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries and similar rugged work environments, where the dependability and versatility of CM products has been relied on for many years.

Chester SLA Pneumatic
Trolley Hoist

This low headroom hoist features vane or piston motors and brakes with modulating valves for infinitely variable hoist motion. Its design allows this hoist to operate in extreme low overhead locations where most other “low headroom” hoists can’t.

Yale YAL Air
Chain Hoist

A lightweight, economical hoist with pull cord control for accurate load control. These pendant throttle control hoists offer ergonomic one-handed controls for ease of operation.

Ingersoll Rand ARO 7700 & 7790 Series Air Chain Hoist

Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications where loads vary between 275 lbs (125 kg) to 4400 lbs. (2000 kg). Simple, rugged, and reliable, these hoists are constructed with few moving parts, for easy repairs and less downtime.

Ingersoll Rand MLK
Air Chain Hoist

Rugged, reliable MLK series hoists have been on the market for over 25 years. They share a common design with many interchangeable parts. With high speeds and precise spotting, these hoists are ideal for high production cycle operations. Available in spark-resistant and slow-speed precision spotting models. A wide range of options and accessories are available.

Ingersoll Rand HLK
Air Chain Hoist

Rugged, reliable HLK series hoists have been on the market for over 25 years. They share a common design with many interchangeable parts. With high speeds and precise spotting, these hoists are ideal for high production cycle operations. Available in spark-resistant models (with a KR suffix). A wide range of options and accessories are available.

Ingersoll Rand CLK
Air Chain Hoist

Designed for production applications and loads up to 1100 lbs, the CLK-Series is the latest of Ingersoll Rand’s line of air chain hoists. Exceptional durability with an ASME HST-5 rating of A5 (FEM/ISO mechanism classification of 1Am/M4) the CLK Series hoist are duty-rated to operate 800 full-load hours between overhauls

JDN Profi
Air Hoist

The Profi Series is designed for heavy-duty industrial use, with different controls to suit various requirements. Available in capacities from 250 kg to 100 tons. Suitable for hazardous areas.

JDN Mini
Air Chain Hoist

Designed for a range of light-duty applications, the Mini hoist is handy, flexible and universally deployable, making it an ideal tool for specialized or unique handicraft workshops.

Kito TCR
Air Chain Hoist

A hoist with 100% duty ratings, fine-feathering controls and quiet operation. The TCR pneumatic hoist is a workhorse that can lift all day and all night, with smooth starts and stops, and variable-speed operation for extremely accurate load positioning and control. Put this hoist on the top of your list when you need productivity and precision for years on end.

Kito TCS
Air Chian Hoist

For ultra-high lifting speeds and 100% duty ratings. The TCS offers blazing performance —speeds up to 112 fpm at full capacity—with quiet operation and optimal fine feathering to control your load position. Fast, quiet and precise is an unbeatable combination.

Kito AL
Air Chain Hoist

With built in safety and maintenance features that allow you to work in confidence. ATEX certified to be spark resistant in explosive atmospheres, and engineered to operate completely lubrication free. The AL is a suitable choice for applications in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that require completely dry exhaust.

Kito AW
Air Chain Hoist

Spark resistant, wash down air hoist, designed for use in limited, corrosive, humid, or outdoor environments where equipment must be washed or hosed off regularly. Based on the AL Series, the AW boasts the same ATEX certification and lubrication free features, with additional wash down capabilities.

AIR Wire Rope Hoists

Yale Y80Air
Wire Rope Hoist

The Y80 series of hoists and trolleys (Double Reeved) is suited for virtually any lifting application. 

Shawbox 800 Series
Air Wire Rope Hoist

For virtually any lifting application, with a modular design and versatility to suit a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoist speeds, and control options. Select the most efficient hoist for your job without wasted capacity.

Yale Cable King
Air Wire Rope Hoist

Available in Monorail (Single Reeved/Double Reeved) or deck mount versions for a variety of standard industrial and hazardous environments.

CM TMM-140
Air Manipulator Hoist

A lightweight and portable alternative hoist, ideal for workstation applications. It weighs less than 20 pounds and operates at 100% (A5) duty cycle. The ideal hoist for plants, shops, auto repair, assembly lines and any other application requiring a quick, smooth hoist.

ELECTRIC Chain Hoists

Budgit Manguard
Electric Chain Hoist

For tough jobs and for every lifting application. An economical choice, these hoists are dependably built to withstand heavy service and repeated lifting cycles. They are easy to service, require minimal maintenance, and offer excellent headroom for every lifting application. The VFD model offers the same quality and toughness with a variable speed control.


Rugged construction and a high H4 duty cycle for commercial and industrial applications, in a small lightweight design that allows for easy installation and maintenance.

CM Manguard
Electric Chain Hoist

For long life and dependable service in heavy-duty applications. Additionally, with its environmentally friendly design, easy access to key components, less maintenance, and enhanced safety feature, the Man Guard is the right choice for your lifting needs.

CM Classic Lodestar
Electric Chain Hoist

The recognized standard in overhead lifting, with power and dependability that has been trusted for generations, for many applications and industries. Available as individual hoist units, in hoist/trolley combinations or as integral components of complete lifting systems.

CM Lodestar NH
Electric Chain Hoist

Legendary in performance, the Lodestar NH electric chain hoist features quieter operation, an environment friendly design, easier access to components, higher duty cycles, less maintenance and enhanced safety features. Now available as an economical 2-ton single-reeved unit—the single reeved design prevents the lower hook block from capsizing and damaging the hoist.

CM Lodestar XL
Electric Chain Hoist

A heavy-duty design with faster speeds, less reeving, and higher capacities than traditional hoists.

CM Shopstar
Electric Chain Hoist

Built for rugged industrial and commercial use, this durable hoist features high H4 duty cycles and a compact design ideal for use at workstations and production lines. Standard overload device protects the hoist, operator and surrounding structure from damaging overloads.

CM Powerstar
Electric Chain Hoist

A space saving alternative to wire rope hoists for high speed lifting. This heavy-duty hoist is built to maintain its strength and power year after year.

Electric Chain Hoist

Available with a variety of options for lifting applications, these hoists are designed and manufactured for tough jobs and for every lifting application. An economical choice, dependably built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles.

Yale YJL
Electric Chain Hoist

Compact in size, with standard features such as a multiple-disc motor brake, overload clutch, and adjustable limit switches. The YJL-V is a variable speed version.

Coffing JLC Series
Electric Chain Hoist

The JLC is engineered and built for the heavy-duty demands of industrial applications. Compact in size but big on features, the JLC boasts a multiple disc motor brake, overload clutch, and chain end stop for safety.

Coffing EC Series
Electric Chain Hoist

The EC Hook & Lug Suspension Models are high-performance hoists for heavy-duty industrial service. Designed for safety, the EC incorporates mechanical load brake, motor brake, and overload clutch as standard.

Jet FA Series
Electric Chain Hoist

Available in single phase or three phase models and various voltages, in 1/2 ton and 5 ton capacities. A reliable electro-magnetic DC brake engages automatically when power is cut off. With heat treated, case hardened low-wear chain that surpasses ISO Class T. All models include a chain collector bucket. 

Acco Speedway
Electric Chain Hoist

Wright® Work-Rated and Speedway™ / The New Century Series hoists are quality and top-of-the-line wire rope hoists. Wright is an industry leader in establishing hoist duty ratings; their standard features are top-of-the-line, with many optional features. Their hoists meet all industry ASME HST-4M standards, mechanically and electrically.

Kito SER
Electric Chain Hoist

A 115V or 220V single-phase powered hoist with the duty cycle of a three-phase hoist, the SER is designed to exceed H4 industrial use ratings. Equipped with a TEFC motor and a maintenance-free, self-adjusting, pull-rotor brake, the SER is a single-phase hoist that can long lifts and the long shifts of industrial work.

Kito ER2
Electric Chain Hoist

Designed for peak performance, even on the toughest jobs in the toughest conditions. Its quiet operation and minimal vibration lowers workplace noise pollution, helps reduce worker fatigue and extends the life of the hoist. Practical, durable, the ER gets the job done safely and worry-free.

Kito EDL
Electric Chain Hoist

A standard 115V hoist with speeds up to 44 fpm, with amazing performance for such a small hoist. Designed for productivity and portability, with a variable-speed option to adjust the speed to best suit your application.

Electric Chain Hoist

This hoist adds an ergonomic cylinder control to the 115V variable-speed EDL hoist, for incredible productivity that is at home on any production line, while still being small enough to move between job sites. It’s a formidable, flexible combination.

Kito FER2
Electric Chain Hoist

A food-grade electric chain hoist, for lifting applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries—where maintaining a pristine environment is critical. NSF H1 compliant food-grade lubricants on the load chain and in the gearbox mean the hoist is safe for use where incidental contact with product is a concern. The standard model features white epoxy paint, stainless steel /nickel-plated hardware and a nickel-plated load chain, ideal for contaminant-controlled or corrosive processing environments.

Electric Chain Hoist

The central structure of all Vulcan hoists is made of a steel casting designed to transmit lifting force in a straight line, thus ensuring optimum stress distribution. This also ensures good shock resistance, which increases durability and lifespan.

Stahl ST
Electric Chain Hoist

Powerful, reliable and undemanding as far as maintenance and power consumption are concerned, the ST series comes in 13 SWL ranges, from 125 kg to 6,300 kg. Can be used as stationary hoists with suspension hook or eye, with rigid mounting, or with a push or electric trolley. Especially suitable for rugged industrial applications.

Demag DC-Com
Electric Chain Hoist

Proven, simple and highly reliable hoists for everyday needs with typical requirements. DC-Com units can be integrated into the rails of the KBK modular crane system or installed on I-beam girders, with the U11–U22 generation of trolleys for smooth load transport.

Demag DC-Pro
Electric Chain Hoist

A fully-featured, highly-versatile chain hoist, which can be installed and put into service in minimum time. Includes many standard features that are extra-cost options on other hoists.

Chester ELM Low Headroom
Electric Chain Hoist

For applications where headroom is limited, these hoists provide smooth, quiet trouble free operation in a variety of Class III applications. Equipped with worm-drive gear reducers, case-hardened load chain and are available in capacities from 1 through 25 tons. To meet a variety of applications, choose from lug-mounted, push/pull, hand-geared or motorized trolley drives.

ELECTRIC Wire Rope Hoists

Shawbox World Series
Wire Rope Hoist

Low-headroom, heavy-duty hoists built to provide long life with higher lifting speeds and precise positioning control. These electric wire rope hoists feature a two-speed motor and oil-bath-lubricated, triple-reduction gearing.

Shawbox 800 Series
Wire Rope Hoist

For virtually any lifting application, with a modular design and versatility, with a wide range of capacities, lifts, hoist speeds, and control options. Choose the most efficient hoist for your job without wasted capacity or overkill

Shawbox 700 Series
Wire Rope Hoist

Designed and manufactured for heavy duty service. This workhorse is built to deliver, day-in and day-out, under tough operating conditions. It can take the most demanding job cycles in stride, while handling the most delicate loads with precision control.

Yale Global King
Wire Rope Hoist

Low-headroom, heavy-duty hoists built for long life with higher lifting speeds and precise positioning control. These electric wire rope hoists feature a two-speed motor and oil-bath-lubricated, triple-reduction gearing.

Yale Cable King
Wire Rope Hoist

Monorail or deck mount versions for use in a variety of standard industrial and hazardous environments.

Coffing WR Series
Wire Rope Hoist

High performance engineering—with standard mechanical load brake, motor brake, and overload protection—and the advantages of wire rope. 

Wire Rope Hoist

Available from 500 kg to 125,000 kg, these hoists are based on a proven, mature modular system that combines the highest level of quality with cost-effective production. This means that we can freely combine components to design a hoist that is a perfect match for your requirements, regardless of whether it’s a standard or customized product.

Kito RHN
Wire Rope Hoist

RHN wire rope hoists from Harrington are designed and built for today’s heavy-duty applications, with state-of-the-art engineering and construction that features a block-operated limit switch, graphite cast-iron rope guide and premium wire rope. Compact modular design and short-end approach mean you can still get the longest hook travel possible in places with limited space and ultra-low headroom. Its protection unit (RPU) will disable the unit when someone attempts a lift that’s over capacity, preventing injuries and damages on the job site.

Wire Rope Hoist

The Demag DMR modular rope hoist’s ground-breaking flexibility makes it suitable for all types of applications, from stationary installations to cranes. For the first time, a rope hoist can be built either in a C-design or co-axial design utilizing one fundamental technology. Smart interfaces and corresponding fittings and accessories extend the range of possible DMR applications even further.

Wire Rope Hoist

This Single Hook, Standard Headroom/Low Headroom Monorail Wire Rope Hoist features worm gear drives for quiet, smooth, reliable operation. Can also be dual hook floor and ceiling mounted.


My-TE Winch

One of My-te’s most popular winch-hoists, the 100 AB is the 115v AC solution for medium-duty in plant or mobile applications. With a 1,000 lb single line (or 2000 lb double line) lift capacity and a triple redundant braking system for optimum load control, the 100 AB is great for multiple story construction site work and conveyor belt maintenance. 

Thern Winch

Thern winches and cranes have a world-wide reputation for toughness, versatility and reliability, with a full range of services and custom-built solutions. Whether you need to lift, pull, tension or position, from 100 lbs. to 100,000 lbs., Thern has the product for you.

MANUAL Hand Chain Hoists

CM Cyclone Hook
Mount Hoist

Featuring superior engineering, efficiency and durability, the CM Cyclone Hand Chain Hoist is considered one of the most popular and reliable hand chain hoists ever designed.

CM Cyclone Army Type Hoist

The CM Cyclone Army Type Trolley Hoist combines superior engineering, efficiency and durability in a compact, low headroom trolley mount ideal for applications requiring movable hoists.

CM Cyclone Low Headroom Hoist

Hoist and the trolley are combined for even lower headroom applications. The hoist features superior engineering, efficiency and durability in an integrated all-in-one design.

CM 622 Hook Mount

A compact, efficient, economical design, with low headroom and lightweight steel construction makes this hoist easy to install, even in confined spaces.

CM Hurricane Hook Mount Hoist

The CM Hurricane 360º features a full cycle of flexibility for a wide range of lifting and pulling applications. A unique hand chain hoist, the CM Hurricane 360º provides maximum versatility and safety on any job site.

Budgit USA Series Hook Mount Hoist

These lightweight, compact hook-suspended hoists are designed for portable, hook-on, use-anywhere service. The rugged design provides long life in industrial and construction service and is frequently used in rigging and off-vertical type lifting requirements.

Budgit USA Series Army Type Trolley Hoist

For applications where a closer headroom is required, the Army type consists of a lug suspended hand chain hoist with a rigid mount trolley. With all the fine features of the Budgit USA Chain Hoist, with a lug suspension instead of the normal hook suspension.

Chester Zephyr
Chain Hoist

The Chester Zephyr Clevis Type Hoists are steel-framed hook-suspended hoists built and tested to rigid specifications that exceed industry standards. They offer headroom advantages and retain the rock-and-swivel flexibility of standard trolley suspension.

Chester AM Hook Mount Chain Hoist

The Chester Model AM Army Type Trolley combines light weight and versatility in an economically-priced army-type manual chain hoist. With a wide range of capacities, the beam-mounted Model AM is compact and built to last under heavy use in a full range of cargo and material movement applications. Plus they’re available through the Chester Quick Shipment Program.

Coffing LHH Manual Chain Hoist

Featuring stamped-steel construction, these are an excellent low-cost option in the Coffing line. The compact, lightweight design is ideal for construction and contractor applications where portability and easy rigging are critical.

Kito CF Series Hook Mount Hoist

The CF exemplifies simplicity in design while making zero compromises on performance. The die-cast aluminum body reduces weight and won’t corrode. Plus, the proven 1:1 ratio gear system makes it a fast hoist that’s reliable and maintenance friendly. The CF is simply the best choice when you need an economical hoist that doesn’t skimp on toughness.

Kito M3CB Hook Mount Hoist

The CB has unmatched pulling power in the most extreme conditions. Exceptional, heavy-grade components make this a long lasting workhorse that tackles severe -40˚ C temperatures and truly hostile northern winters.

Kito HCB Hook Mount

The world’s first dual-speed manual chain hoist. Kito’s innovative magnetic clutch technology senses the load and changes gears automatically to work seven times faster when repositioning an unloaded hook. The result is a significant reduction in labour costs and operator fatigue – something both your workers and your accountant will appreciate.

Kito SHB Low Headroom Trolley Hoist

For low headroom applications, the low-profile SHB hoist and trolley combo work where others can’t. Built around the quality CB hoist with headroom as low as 4.5 inches, the SHB is ideal for demanding industrial lifting applications where space is extra tight.

Kito CX HooK Mount Chain Hoist

With its smooth lines, integrated aluminum body and impossibly small size, the CX might seem better suited for displaying than working. Not true. The CX is a remarkable engineering achievement in both design and performance, weighing in at less than 6 lbs with a lifting capacity of 550 lbs. Its heat-treated gears and innovative brake system are sealed to protect against damage from dust and water. And its hooks have tip-supported latches and wide openings to perform jobs big or small.

Vanguard VCH Hook Mount Hoist

Featuring a compact lightweight design, fully machined lifting wheels, Grade 80 alloy load chain, and triple spur-geared for guaranteed efficient/reliable operation. With automatic brake engagement and a double-pawl braking mechanism (with asbestos-free friction discs). Its self-articulating top hooks, forged alloy top and bottom hooks (with latches) rotate 360°.

Jet L-90 Hook Mount

Featuring lightweight steel construction— the housing, sheaves and frame are all steel—with a handwheel cover that prevents dirt and dust from hampering operation. A rolled edge on the L-90’s cover acts as a chain guide and allows smooth operation even when pulling.

Jet L-95 Hook Mount

The L-95 series is equipped with an automatic overload protection device as standard equipment. Overload protection is pre-set at 120% of rated capacity. Its Class V+ load chain is the world’s strongest grade, providing unparalleled safety for the most demanding applications.

Jet VCH Hook Mount Hoist

VCH series standard-duty hoists feature triple-spur gearing for efficient operation, hardened steel roller bearings for easy operation, a dual-pawl Weston-style brake with premium non-asbestos brake discs, a Grade 80 load chain, and top and bottom safety hooks that bend slowly to warn of overloads. They are load tested to 150% of rated capacity with certificate, and meet ASME B30.16 standards. From an ISO 9001-2000 certified factory.

Jet KCH Hook Mount Hoist

The KCH hoist is triple spur-geared for efficient operation, with maintenance-free sealed bearings for reduced operator effort. A dual-pawl Weston-style brake with premium non-asbestos brake discs and with extra-heavy pawl springs provides safe, reliable operation, and an extra-thick ratchet gear protects the brake disc from contamination. Grade 100 load chain provides greater strength.

Ingersoll Rand

Designed for the modern workplace with safety and performance in mind. Meets or exceeds world specifications including ASME B30.16. This value-packed product with premium features at a great price is ideal for rental or construction.


Available with lifting capacities from 1/2t to 20t, Vulcan hoists are light weight for portability and very low headroom. They feature high-quality heat-treated alloy steel load chains, two load chain guides and Weston-type brakes. The hooks are forged heat-treated steel, the hand chain is zinc-treated and 3 foot less than lift. They are finished in safety orange with capacity markings.


ACCOLIFT® Hand Chain Hoists are portable, lightweight and compact. They provide a dependable working tool for industrial maintenance, construction sites, machine shops, and production situations where parts need to be positioned accurately but infrequently.

MANUAL Lever Hoists

Lever Hoist

Jet’s most economical lever hoist, with a cold-formed stamped steel housing, and a Grade 80 load chain with hardened steel roller bearings for easier operation.

Lever Hoist

Featuring a high-impact gear case and brake cover for heavy-duty service, and a Grade 100 load chain for greater strength. Deformation indicators on its hooks allow for accurate measurement and easy maintenance.

Jet Mini-Mite II Series
Lever Hoist

Jet’s super-duty lever hoist, with an improved design that is smaller and lighter than the original Mini-Mite. Featuring a Class V+ Chain, the world’s strongest—a Jet exclusive. Capable of functioning at up to -40 C with suitable winter lubrication.

Jet #10-2 Series Lever

Jet’s heavy-duty lever hoist is made with a high-tensile strength cast steel housing and handle. It features a high-grade low-wear chain, with an easy free-wheeling system to automatically return to hoisting mode when load is applied.

CM 602 & 603 Mini Lever Hoist

The most compact, comfortable ratchet lever hoists on the market, these perform just like larger lever hoists.

CM Bandit Ratchet Lever Hoist

One of the most compact, durable ratchet lever hoists in the industry. Its lightweight and portable design, easy free-chaining feature and 360° rotating handle make it one of the most versatile hoists on the market. Available in 3/4, 11/2, 3 and 6 ton capacities.

CM 653 Lever

Featuring a short handle and minimal lever pull effort, combined with high-quality, rugged steel for close quarter pulling, stretching, and hoisting applications. This lever hoist is ideal for a wide array of applications in construction, industrial and plant operations.

CM 640 Puller Lever

A heavy-duty lever hoist for pulling, lifting, dragging, and stretching construction and industrial applications. The Puller is built for ease of use, ease of maintenance and long life. 

CM Short Handle Lever Hoist

The same heavy-duty design as the Puller in a smaller size for lighter loads and tighter spaces. Designed for heavy-duty construction and industrial applications.

Coffing PA Series Lever Hoist

An aluminum ratchet lever hoist providing high quality and durability. Extremely low handle effort and a 360° rotating handle makes it easy to operate, and the one-handed free chaining mechanism provides easy rigging. Ideal for construction and commercial applications.

Coffing LSB-B Ratchet Lever Hoist

Available with optional load limiters, these stamped steel ratchet lever hoists and lightweight and durable. Featuring through-hardened load chain, they are ideal for construction and commercial applications. All LSB-B hoists are metric rated.

Coffing Model G Lever Hoist

These efficient, durable hoists feature a malleable iron roller chain ratchet lever. The roller chain can be spliced to create longer lifts and can handle higher capacities than coil chain. Ideal for utility transmission and distribution work.

Coffing/Little Mule Cable Lever Hoist

High quality, durable wire rope lever hoists with a wide variety of rigging options. Built tough and built to last with corrosion-resistant materials and an overload protection handle. Ideal for construction and commercial applications, but versatile enough to fit most any lifting need. 

Coffing/Little Mule Lineman's Strap Hoist

Lightweight and rugged, this strap puller features a compact aluminum alloy frame and an enhanced reversing mechanism, and an overload protection handle to warn of hazardous loads.

Vanguard Type-1 Manual Lever Hoist

Compact design with light weight robust construction, this hoist features a grade 80 alloy load chain and a steel handle and rubber grip for greater operator comfort.

Kito LX Mini Lever Hoist

Despite a pocket-sized design, the LX is no lightweight. Its robust integrated aluminum housing, tip supported hook latches, and heat treated gears and chain make this a small hoist that delivers huge durability and performance. And, with a 1mm lifting accuracy, the LX is capable of positioning your load exactly where you want it. Available in the LX 1/4t configuration that weighs only 4 lbs, making it ideal for tight quarters or elevated locations, and the LX 1/2t configuration that weighs 6 lbs, for even more pulling power.

Kito L5LB Lever Hoist

Smaller, lighter and stronger than any other lever hoist on the market, the L5LB has the proven strength and durability for the most gruelling applications, including temperatures down to -40 C. Optional Slip Clutch Model (LB-SC) also available

Vulcan Ratchet Puller

Designed for extreme use. Manufactured in Japan and distributed by Vulcan since 1973, featuring unmatched reliability and durability.

Vulcan Nova

World class quality at a competitive price, this versatile product offers the best combination of performance and value.

Ingersoll Rand SLB Silver
Series Lever Hoist

The Silver Series Lever Chain Hoist meets ANSI/ASME B30.16 and all pertinent world standards, including the European Machinery Directive. Its patent pending “Arrow-Notch” free chain system is simple and reliable, for easy free chaining: in free chain mode, the brake instantly engages, holding the load and minimizing the risk of an accident.

Ingersoll Rand “KL” Kinetic
Series Lever Hoist

Kinetic Series premium manual chain hoists are engineered for the harshest environments and deliver exceptional durability. With grade 100 Electro-galvanized chain, cast hook latches, all steel construction and extensive use of bearings these hoists are designed to last, with minimal down time.

Accolift Lever Hoists

Lightweight, portable, chain-type lever-operated pullers that increase worker efficiency in pulling, lifting, lowering, moving and skidding. Ideal for industrial maintenance, construction and utility company applications. Excellent for stretching cable and fencing, positioning machinery and building components. The short handle and short stroke are designed to operate in tight places. 

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