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About us

Established in 1885, Toronto Electric is one of Canada’s most respected material handling and electric motor companies. From our 24,000 sq. ft. building in central Toronto, we serve customers across the country. In some areas, we partner with local material handling firms, chosen for their expertise and track records. 

We may not be the world’s largest crane and hoist company, but our staff may be the most experienced: many of our people have been with Toronto Electric for decades. We understand lifting systems and all the associated engineering and technologies. We are well versed in the codes, regulations and certification requirements in every region of Canada. We know how to design and build systems that will move more material through your facility, safely. 

In addition to designing and building complete systems, we sell and service motors, hoists and custom-fabricated steel components. If you have a unique lifting and material-handling project, or you need someone with the experience and expertise to take a hard look at your system and improve its capabilities, efficiency or safety, contact us.

Health and Safety

At Toronto Electric, we design, build and service equipment that lifts and transports heavy loads, often over peoples’ heads. Safety is our highest priority. 

As a company with nationwide clients, we understand the technical and safety-related certifications that apply in each region. Every system that we build, install or service is designed to meet or exceed applicable codes and standards. 

We work with our clients to ensure that their staff are thoroughly trained. Our Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews teach the safe and efficient use of material handling systems, and encourage operators and supervisors to develop and maintain a safety-focused workplace. Our safety training services are available to any customer who wants to refresh their operators’ safety awareness.

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