Bridge Cranes

Toronto Electric is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of overhead bridge cranes. We custom-design and fabricate bridge cranes of all sizes and capacities, to meet our customers’ budgets and technical requirements. Each solution is uniquely optimized for reliability, speed and efficiency within the requirements of the industry and the space. Every one complies with applicable regulatory codes and established engineering standards for mechanical, electrical and structural elements.

Overhead bridge cranes employ parallel runways, with a bridge-mounted hoist travelling between them.

  • Top-running cranes mount the bridge on the top rail of the runways, for maximum headroom and a higher under-hook lift.
  • Under-running cranes suspend the bridge from the lower flange of a beam mounted to the underside of the runways, to provide more flexibility in hook approach.
  • Double-girder cranes employ two beams to form a double girder bridge that travels on top-running rails, for heavier load capacities and longer spans.
  • Double box-girder cranes employ two boxed beams to form a boxed double girder bridge that travels on top-running rails. They are designed for heavy-duty applications, heavier capacities and longer spans.

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